Information for Visitors

We usually start and finish from public transport, so there usually isn't anywhere to change before the hash, or store items during the hash. Most people arrive ready for the event. We are not the quickest hash in the world, and almost always have a fair contingent of walkers. After the On-In we typically go to a restaurant and have a meal. The cost of the hash is 80Czk.
We have a range of hash shirts and other bits. Let us know if you're interested BEFORE the event so we can bring a stuff along.
About Prague
Prague is a popular holiday destination, combining excellent beer, stylish architecture, hidden parks and gardens, and great cultural and historical attractions all of which you will experience on our hash trails.
Getting to Prague is not a problem with a mixture of low-cost airlines and international carriers coming to our shiny and efficient airport on the north-western edge of the city. Typically, cheaper prices of course if you book earlier.
CASH: Lots of cashpoint / ATM (bankomat) machines at the airport and throughout the city to withdraw Czech crowns (CZK). Approximate exchange rates are CZK 27 = EUR 1. CZK 35 = GBP 1. CZK 25 = USD 1. (Approx rates jan. 2016)
Getting into the city centre from the airport
Bargain approach is a CZK 32 ticket (about EUR 1) for public bus No.119 going every 10 minutes to Nadrazi Veleslavin metro and then take the green metro line into the city centre (about 40 minutes total). Another option for CZK 32 is bus no. 100 to Zlicin at the end of the yellow metro line connecting to the city centre. There are ticket machines and a public transport info desk at airport which sells tickets, maps and guides Other options are taxi stands with meter or fixed price zones (taxi EUR 20+), or minibuses to Namesti Republiky in the centre see Prague (Ruzyne) airport sites or for lots of links, info, maps and stuff.
Getting around Prague other than walking through the pedestrian-friendly city Excellent public transport options on metro, tram and bus masses of info at ( in English, Deutsch). Tickets from yellow machines cost CZK 26 for 75 minutes or CZK 18 for short journeys; also CZK 100 for one-day. Tickets also from newsagents, public transport info offices at airport, or send SMS with message DPT to 902026. Don't risk traveling without a ticket it's not worth the hassle and embarrassment (to all the other passengers as well as yourself!). Watch your valuables and pockets carefully, as Prague has a number of experienced pick-pockets.
Taxi: For taxi, there's Nejlevnejsi taxi (cheap and good), AAA-taxi (expensive, might cheat, more cars) and Uber. Always call/order the taxi, never take a taxi from the street, you will get scammed.
General / Tourist Information - below is a list of helpful websites, many of which also offer accommodation info / links:
  • is simply marvelous. PDF downloads on Prague - City Guide and mini Instant Guide
  • - Prague Information Service (official tourist info)
  • - official site of the Czech Tourist Authority
  • - info for living in Prague
  • - good overview of tourist sights
  • - Prague's weekly English-language newspaper, incl. restaurant and culture listings
Hashers visiting Prague over the years have stayed at the following hostels: and - both are in Smichov, Prague 5, close to each other and only 7 mins by tram to city centre For those cheap hashers amongst you, try the Golden Sickle hostel: very cheap and right in centre of town on Vodickova: mostly dormitory sleeping Also coming recommended are and Hotels in Prague, like everywhere else, range in price and standard - one option: Hotel U Krize
Below are some on-line hotel listing and reservation services:
  • - EUR 30 pppn
  • - hotels, BandBs, etc
  • - hostels, obviously
  • - hostels
  • - apartments, hotels
  • - hostel-style
  • - agency
  • - hostels
Pubs, restaurants and other food - so many options - beer everywhere at any hostinec or hospoda - look at the In Your Pocket guide above. We like Pivovarsky Dum. for micro-brewery beers. Also Tesco, Albert and lots of other grocery shops throughout the city for water, beer and other essentials.