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Come join us for the first ever Prague Beer Mile event. The rules of the event are simple... Each competitor must complete a full beer which is at least 5% alcohol before starting. They then do one lap of the track, then drink another beer. A total of 4 beers and 4 laps must be completed in the fastest time possible... Competitors may either walk or run, but cannot run if they state they plan to walk. Obviously if they are incapable of running for any reason then walking is acceptable, but their time will be classed as a running time... There are also penalties for anyone who fails to hold onto the contents of their stomachs for any reason... The event will take place at the running track in Riegerovy Sady on Saturday 30th January at 2pm. For anyone who doesn't know how to find the track, contact me in advance and we can make arrangements to meet somewhere nearby... Obviously we need to make sure there is enough beer for all competitors, so please make sure you let us know in advance if you plan to compete. Either that, or bring your own beer with you. A reminder though that it must be at least 5% alcohol to make the time valid... After the event there will be a social gathering/pub crawl for anyone interested, and you are of course more than welcome to come along just to encourage/laugh at the competitors. This event does not take the place of the actual Hash that weekend, which will take place as usual on the following day... In case of any questions, issues, or anything else, feel free to contract me either through here or by calling/sms to 774 871 560

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